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Heimdall with Gjöllerhorn (west side)

Heimdall is the sentry for the Æsir.

He lives in Himinbjörg by Bifröst, the rainbow bridge that leads to Ásgarð, where he stands guard with his horn Gjöll.

At Ragnarök, the great wolf Fenrir and the Miðgarð Serpent and the fire demon, Sturt attack Ásgarð.

“When these things are happening, Heimdall will blow a great blast on the horn Gjöll and awaken all the gods and they will hold an assembley.”

At Ragnarök, Heimdall will fight with Loki and they will kill each other.

Viðar, Óðinn’s son, kills Fenrir (east side)

At Ragnarök “all fetters and bonds will be snapped and severed. The wolf Fenrir will get loose then.

Oðin will ride first in a helmet of gold and a beautiful coat of mail with his spear Gungnir, and he will make for the wolf Fenrir.

The wolf will swallow Oðin and that will be his death.
This scene is depicted on Thorwald’s Cross-Slab (Andreas 128) in the Isle of Man

Immediately afterwards, however, Viðar will stride forward and place one foot on the lower jaw of the wolf.

Viðar will take the wolf’s upper jaw in one hand and tear his throat asunder and that will be his death.”

Heimdall with the horn, Gjöllerhorn

Viðar kills the wolf Fenrur

The wolf Fenrur swallows Oðin
Thorwald’s Cross-Slab (Andreas 128)