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The image shows a digital reconstruction of a ‘god house’ or pagan temple excavated in Norway. Where was this excavation?

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This early 12th century baptismal font shows Gunnar lying in the snake pit surrounded by four snakes and with a harp at his feet. A runic inscription reads 'svæn : kærðe' (Sveinn made me). Which font is this?

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This Gotlandic picture stone shows a warrior riding on an eight-legged horse being welcomed into Valhalla by a Valkyrie holding a drinking horn. Which picture stone is this?

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This pendant seems to be a combination of a Christian cross and a Thor's hammer; one end of it bears the head of a monster, presumably a heathen symbol. In which country was it found?

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The image shows the deposition of a 9th century hoard of 67 Kg of silver (including 14,295 coins) and 20 Kg of bronze which was buried under the floorboards of a Viking age outhouse. Which hoard is this?

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