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What do you know about the Vikings?

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These two small boats formed part of the contents of a large ship burial. Which ship burial was it?

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The wood carvings on Norway's most highly decorated stave church have given the name to a Viking Age art style. Which style is it?

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This 9th century stone sculpture shows warriors attacking with Viking-style swords and battle axes. Where is this stone?

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The doorway of this stave church contains carving of scenes from the Sigurd legend. Which church is this?

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This tenth-century soapstone mould from Denmark produced both Thor’s hammers and Christian crosses. Whereabouts in Denmark was it found?

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This was the site of a famous battle between the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings. Where is it?

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The image shows the deposition of a 9th century hoard of 67 Kg of silver (including 14,295 coins) and 20 Kg of bronze which was buried under the floorboards of a Viking age outhouse. Which hoard is this?

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This Ringerike style sculpture was found in the churchyard of an English town. Which town?

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It has been suggested that this small silver statuette with niello inlay shows the god Odin, sitting on his throne. It was found on a high-status site in Denmark. Which site was that?

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The photo shows a tephra layer (layer of volcanic ash) known as the ‘Settlement Layer’ which plays an important role in archaeological dating in Iceland. What is the date of the ‘Settlement Layer’?

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