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What do you know about the Vikings?

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The ring-chain design running down the centre of this cross is an insular form of the Borre style. This interlace is named after the man who carved the cross. What was his name?

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This is a reconstruction of the first cathedral in Iceland. It was built in 1056. Where was it built?

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According to Norse mythology, the first two humans were created from driftwood logs by the gods Odin, Hönir and Lothur. What were the names of the humans?

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This is one of three phallic figures found on an excavated pagan cult site in Sweden. Where was that site?

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The image shows the deposition of a 9th century hoard of 67 Kg of silver (including 14,295 coins) and 20 Kg of bronze which was buried under the floorboards of a Viking age outhouse. Which hoard is this?

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Which Norse Goddess rode in a chariot pulled by cats?

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The Norse chieftain, Kolbein Hrúga, Built this castle on one of the Orkney Islands. Which island?

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This Norse farmhouse was destroyed when Mount Hekla erupted in 1104. Excavations also discovered the remains of a small church and a graveyard. A reconstruction of the farm has been constructed on a site nearby. Where is the excavated farmhouse?

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The wood carvings on Norway's most highly decorated stave church have given the name to a Viking Age art style. Which style is it?

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A Viking hoard contained this gilt silver cup or bowl, made in mainland Europe around the middle of the ninth century. Which hoard was this?

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