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What do you know about the Vikings?

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A Viking hoard contained this gilt silver cup or bowl, made in mainland Europe around the middle of the ninth century. Which hoard was this?

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This whalebone plaque came from a boat burial in the United Kingdom. Where was this burial?

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This Norse farmhouse was destroyed when Mount Hekla erupted in 1104. Excavations also discovered the remains of a small church and a graveyard. A reconstruction of the farm has been constructed on a site nearby. Where is the excavated farmhouse?

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Where would you find these superb Hogback stones?

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This aerial photo shows several phases of Viking Age buildings on a site in Shetland. Where is this site?

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This sculpture shows the god Thor fishing for Jörmungandr (the Midgard Serpent). Where is this sculpture?

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The Anglo-Saxon Chronicles for 851 record “hæþne men ærest ofer winter sæton” (the heathens [i.e. the Vikings] now for the first time remained over winter). Where did they remain over winter?

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This Gotlandic picture stone shows a warrior riding on an eight-legged horse being welcomed into Valhalla by a Valkyrie holding a drinking horn. Which picture stone is this?

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The wood carvings on Norway's most highly decorated stave church have given the name to a Viking Age art style. Which style is it?

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This richly decorated waggon is one of the grave goods from a ship burial. Which burial?

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