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What do you know about the Vikings?

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This is a reconstruction of the first cathedral in Iceland. It was built in 1056. Where was it built?

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This decorated axe head has given its name to a Viking Age style of art. Which art style is it?

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This ship-shaped stone setting is the excavated remains of a ship burial on the Isle of Man. Where is it?

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This Ringerike style sculpture was found in the churchyard of an English town. Which town?

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This Gotlandic picture stone shows a warrior riding on an eight-legged horse being welcomed into Valhalla by a Valkyrie holding a drinking horn. Which picture stone is this?

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Which Norse Goddess rode in a chariot pulled by cats?

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This Christian cross shows scenes from Norse mythology. Where is it?

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This is a digital reconstruction of pagan temple excavated in Norway. Where was the excavation?

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This promontory fort in the Isle of Man encloses the remains of a Viking Age building. Where is this fort?

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This whalebone plaque came from a boat burial in the United Kingdom. Where was this burial?

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