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Richard Bailey describes the York grave slab as follows:

”From the eastern side of the Pennines James Lang has recently assembled other illustrations of the same story. The fullest is on a slab from York which covered grave no 7 of the Viking-age cemetery below the south transept of the Minster. Though now only visible under a raking light the broad face shows Sigurd sucking his thumb and standing in front of his spit – which is represented in the same conventional manner as at Andreas. Below him is the coiled body of a dragon, the horse stands above and there are traces of both the tree and its birds. Lang argued that the better-preserved narrow side of the stone shows the dragon fight and this suggestion does have its attractions, though it is a difficult case to prove.

Bailey, R.N., (1980) “Viking Age Sculpture” Collins, London, p.120

The York Grave Slab #7
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