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Skuldelev 3 is a small, elegant and sturdy trading ship, built for transporting goods in Danish coastal waters and the Baltic. The ship is the best preserved of the five Viking ships found in Roskilde Fjord, and was built of Danish oak. It had decks of loose planks fore and aft and an open hold amidships with room for about 4 tons of cargo.

The ship may have been used when the owner and his associates or family travelled to to a market or meetings at the assembly.

Wind was the most important means of powering the ship, but the oars could be used when manoeuvring or when travelling short distances in calm weather.

The Viking Ship Museum’s reconstruction, Roar Ege, is on display at the museum harbour.

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(Details from Vikingeskibs Museet)

•      Dating: 1040

•      Place of construction: Denmark

•      Preserved: c. 75 %

•      Material: oak

•      Length: 14 metres

•      Breadth: 3.3 metres

•      Draught: 0.9 metre

•      Displacement:  4.6 tons

•      No. of oars: 5 oar ports

•      Crew: 5-8 men

•      Sail area: 45 m2

•      Average speed: 4-5 knots

•      Top speed: 8-10 knots