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The Årsunda Runestone was found at the church of Årsunda and was documented during a survey in 1690.

It shows a man running at the top of the runestone, which by comparison with U 1163 from Drävle can be identified as Sigurd. A second figure holds a ring in his hand. A cross is in the centre of the design.

Latin alphabet transliteration :

(i)nu-r : sun : r[u]þ[u](r) at × [uili](t)… …[Ris:]t eftir : þurker : bruþu[r : sin : ok : kyþe=lfi : muþur : sina : uk] : eft[i]ʀ : [a]sbiorn : o[k : o]ifuþ

Old Norse transcription:

Anun[d]r(?), sunn <ruþur>(?) at … æftiʀ Þorgæiʀ, broður sinn, ok Guðælfi, moður sina ok æftiʀ Asbiorn ok <oifuþ>.</oifuþ></ruþur>

English translation:

Ônundr(?), <ruþur>’s son, in memory of … … in memory of Þorgeirr, his brother and Guðelfr, his mother, and in memory of Ásbjôrn and <oifuþ></oifuþ></ruþur>

The Årsunda Runestone
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