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The Österfärneb was discovered in 1974 in of the wall of the church of Österfärnebo. It is not listed as a Sigurd runestone by the Rundata project.

Only the bottom part of the runestone remains. The inscription is reconstructed based upon a drawing made during a runestone survey in 1690 by Ulf Christoffersson. The inscription originally included several figures from the Sigurd story, including a bird, the dwarf Andvari with the ring, and a horse.

Latin alphabet transliteration :

[ily]iki : ok : f[uluiki × ok : þurkair … …- × sin × snilan] : kuþ ilubi on(t)[a]

Old Norse transcription:

Illugi ok Fullugi ok Þorgæiʀʀ … … sinn sniallan. Guð hialpi anda.

English translation:

Illugi and Fullugi and Þorgeirr … their able … May God help [his] spirit

The Österfärnebo Runestone
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