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Pevsner describes this font:
“The Bridekirk font dates from the mid C12 and is one of the liveliest pieces of Norman sculpture in the county. It is oblong with tapering sides and has two broad bands of decoration. To the E the top band has two affronted dragons, and the bottom band is horizontally subdivided by a scroll with a Runic inscription.”
Pevsner, N. (1997), “Cumberland and Westmorland”, The Buildings of England, Penguin, p.78
The runes are as follows:
+ rikarþ : he : m=e : i{w}r(o)kt=e : {7} : to : þis : me:r{Ð} : {3}er : — : m=e : brokt=e
Ricarþ he made me. And to this splendour … brought me

The font at Bridekirk, Cumbria, has a runic inscription near its base.
The carver has portrayed himself with mallet and chisel carving part of the decoration.
photo: David Beard