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Vikings: Raiders, Traders and Settlers is a University of Oxford online course authored and tutored by David Beard FSA.

The course runs over a period of ten weeks, with one unit per week.

The ten units are as follows:

Unit 1: Origins – Scandinavia in the pre-Viking period

Unit 2: Viking society and the beginnings of expansion

Unit 3: The Vikings in Europe – the early raids

Unit 4: The Vikings in Europe – conquest and settlement

Unit 5: Western expansion – the settlement of the Faeroes,

Orkney, Shetland and Iceland

Unit 6: Trade routes to the east and south

Unit 7: Greenland and Vinland – the Viking expansion westwards

Unit 8: Pagan religions and the change to Christianity

Unit 9: Art and literature

Unit 10: The end of the Viking era

You can find further information about this course here…