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Skuldelev 5 is one of the smallest long ship in a war fleet, and is ideal for sailing in Danish coastal waters and through the short, choppy waves of the Baltic.

Unlike the other Skuldelev ships, this ship was built using both new wood and recycled timber. A few years before the ship was sunk in the barrier, it was repaired with both new and recycled wood. We do not know why the ship was built this way, but the construction and repairs were carried out by skilled boatbuilders.

Along the sheerstrake there are fragments of the shield-rack, and on the 6th strake on the port side aft there are traces of a carved decoration.

The Viking Ship Museum’s reconstruction of Skuldelev 5, Helge Ask, is on display at the Museum Harbour.

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(Details from Vikingeskibs Museet)

•      Dating: c. 1030

•      Place of construction: Denmark

•      Preserved: c. 50 %

•      Material: oak, pine, ash and alder

•      Length: 17.3 metres

•      Breadth: 2.5 metres

•      Draught: 0.6 metres

•      Displacement:  7.8 tons

•      No. of oars: 26

•      Crew: c. 30 men

•      Sail area: 46 m2

•      Average speed: 6-7 knots

•      Top speed: c. 15 knots