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Vikings: Raiders, Traders and Settlers

Quiz for students of the Oxford University online course "Vikings: Raiders, Traders and Settlers"

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This Viking Age Ringfort is one of a number created across Denmark and Sweden during the late 1oth century. Which ringfort is it?

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This the site of the Viking Great Army’s overwintering site of AD 872-3. Where is this?

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Both Völuspá in the Poetic Edda and the Gylfaginning in the Prose Edda relate how the first two humans, were created from two driftwood trees by the gods. What were the names of the first two humans?

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In the year 991 a battle between the Anglo-Saxon army and a group of Viking raiders took place adjacent to the causeway linking this island to the mainland. What is the name of this battle?

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This Viking Age pagan cemetery has many graves defined by stones in the shape of a ship. Where is this cemetery?

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This heated pool once belonged to a famous Icelandic literary character. Who was he?

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This figure from the cult site at Lejre is believed to represent one of the Norse gods. Which god is it?

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It is the opinion of the excavators of this site that they had found the remains of the ‘Earl’s Bu’, a drinking-hall mentioned in the Orkneyinga Saga in AD 1136. Where is this site?

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An important Viking Age hoard was found buried in this vessel. Which hoard was it?

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The Valknut is an Early Germanic symbol. In the Viking Age it is closely connected with one of the Norse gods. Which God?

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