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Vikings: Raiders, Traders and Settlers

Quiz for students of the Oxford University online course "Vikings: Raiders, Traders and Settlers"

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This mould for making Thor’s hammers and Christian crosses was found in Denmark. Where in Denmark?

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This heated pool once belonged to a famous Icelandic literary character. Who was he?

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In the year 991 a battle between the Anglo-Saxon army and a group of Viking raiders took place adjacent to the causeway linking this island to the mainland. What is the name of this battle?

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The Sea Stallion from Glendalough (Havhingsten fra Glendalough) is a replica of one of the Skudelev ships. Which Ship?

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In 2008, workmen digging trenches for electrical cables uncovered two early Viking ship burials. The ships dated to AD 650–700 and were probably built in Sweden. Where were these ship burials?

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An important Viking Age hoard was found buried in this vessel. Which hoard was it?

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This neolithic monument contains Viking Age runic inscriptions. What is the name of the monument?

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This amulet could be interpreted as either a Thor’s Hammer, or a Christian Cross. Where was it found?

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The Viking Age Kanhave Canal cuts across a small Danish Island. Which island is that?

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This Viking Age pagan cemetery has many graves defined by stones in the shape of a ship. Where is this cemetery?

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