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Vikings: Raiders, Traders and Settlers

Quiz for students of the Oxford University online course "Vikings: Raiders, Traders and Settlers"

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Tephra horizons in south-central Iceland. Tephrochronology is a useful dating method in Iceland, especially the ‘Settlement Layer’. What date is the Settlement Layer?

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This Norse Period round church is on the Orkney Mainland. Whereabouts is it exactly?

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This photo shows part of a Viking hoard which consisted of over 8,600 items including silver coins and bullion, and dates to c. 905 AD. The hoard was discovered in 1840. Which hoard is this?

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This famous Gotland picture stone has six panels containing mythological, religious and martial background. One of the panels appears to show a sacrifice. Where is this stone?

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It is the opinion of the excavators of this site that they had found the remains of the ‘Earl’s Bu’, a drinking-hall mentioned in the Orkneyinga Saga in AD 1136. Where is this site?

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The carving on this rock depicts scenes from the Völsunga Saga. Where is that rock?

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The drawing shows a scene from the Gosforth Cross in which sentry for the Æsir who lives in Himinbjörg by Bifröst, the rainbow bridge that leads to Ásgarð, where he stands guard with his horn Gjöll. What is the name of the sentry?

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Which Viking Art style is the ornament of this wind vane?

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This the site of the Viking Great Army’s overwintering site of AD 872-3. Where is this?

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An important Viking Age hoard was found buried in this vessel. Which hoard was it?

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