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Lindholm Høje aerial photo
image: Google Maps (click on the image to enlarge)

Lindholm Høje is a remarkable settlement and burial site. Burials on the site date to both the Germanic Iron Age (5th century) and to the Viking Age (c. 1000 – 1050). The earlier burials are to the north of the site and the Viking Age burials to the south.

682 graves with various types of stone settings have been found, including 150 stone settings in the shape of a ship.

North of the burial sites was a settlement site and remains of houses, fence lines and wells have been excavated.

In the 11th century, the area was entirely covered by a sand drift which completely covered the site and resulted in the amazing preservation of the archaeological remains.

Many of the finds are in the museum at the site.

Lindholm Høje stone settings
image: David Beard (click on the image to enlarge)