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Five Romanesque stave churches in Norway have carvings showing scenes from the Sigurd legend. The most famous of these is the church from Hylestad with its superb carved portal.

The Hylestad stave church was built in the late 12th or early 13th century. It was located in Hylestad Setesdal district of Norway, but was demolished in the 17th century.

Some of the Urnes style wood carvings from the church doorway were rescued and incorporated into other buildings. These carvings are now on display at the Museum of Cultural History in Oslo.

The carvings show seven scenes from the legend of Sigurd Fåvnesbane.

Hylestad stave church – the carved portal
all images: Wikimedia

Regin forging a sword

Sigurd testing the sword

Sigurd killing Fafnir the dragon

Sigurd roasting the dragon’s heart

Sigurd killing the treacherous Regin

Sigurd’s horse, Grani, loaded with treasure

Gunnar in the snake-pit