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There are three major variations of the Type A stave church:

The single-nave church The single-nave church is the simplest form of the stave church. It has a square nave and a narrower square choir. This type of stave church was common at the beginning of the 12th century.

The long church The long church (Langkyrkje) has a rectangular plan with nave and choir of the same width. The nave is usually up two-thirds of the whole length of the church. This type of stave church was common at the end of the 13th century.

The centre-post church The centre-post church (Midtmastkyrkje) has a single central post reaching all the way up to and connected to the roof construction. However, the roof is a simple hipped roof, without the raised central part of the roof of Type B churches. This type of stave church dates to c.1200.

Holtålen Stave Church
Drawing by Håkon Christie
image: Wikimedia

Drawing of Reinli Stave Church
Georg Andreas Bull, ca. 1855.
image: Wikimedia